Warwick MSA
Warwick MSA has a reputation of being the most active, welcoming, non-profit student society on campus and one of the largest Malaysian society in the United Kingdom
Joshua Varughese

Who are we?

At the Malaysian Students Association or MSA as we like to call it, we are one big family and the society has over 100 members who are made up of Malaysians, Singaporeans and Bruneians just to name a few. At MSA, you not only get to learn about Malaysian culture, you get to meet new people.

Yada, yada, yada. Let’s do away with the formalities, shall we? What are we really here for?

We’re here to provide you, fellow Malaysian student slogging away for your first class honours, with a home away from home – to show you that no matter where we are, us food-loving Malaysians will always find a way to get together, organise something, eat something (a lot), and have lots of good loud and noisy fun.

Not Malaysian? No worries. Even better – all this will be a fresh and exciting experience for you.

some cool facts

Numbers speak for themselves, has over...

Registered Members
Years of Experience

We stand to represent over 500 Malaysians, and our society members from other countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Brunei and Germany.

What do we do?

We basically hang around and be Malaysian with one another, our oft-suppressed Manglish in full display.

On a more serious note: Every year, we organize a whole plethora of events. You name it? We got it, really. Our events range from the cultural and the culinary (okay, you can just call them makan events instead), to trips and frequent sports sessions, to plain ol’ socials for you to chat one another up over a cuppa…Tesco’s apple juice and some potato crisps! Incidentally, DotA is not counted as a sport, but it may very well be one of those ‘socials’ mentioned. Keep your fingers crossed.

What can you do?

Well firstly, join, of course. It’ll cost you a mere £3, which is what you have to pay to attend the Welcome Social if you aren’t a member, anyway. Sneaky marketing trick there, eh?

Besides that, there are billions of ways in which you can participate. Be it playing for us at Warwick and Nottingham Games, performing for or being on the crew for Malaysia Night, helping organise and execute any of our events, or simply sending your precious feedback to warwickmsa@gmail.com, you are always welcome. Come hop on this train, and drag a friend along with you!

Join us now!

So what are you waiting for? Come on over and join in the fun!