Warwick Malaysian Students Association

Warwick MSA

Bringing Malaysia to Warwick

We’re the University of Warwick’s Malaysian Students Association, one of the largest and most active cultural societies in the University. We exist to represent the Malaysian comm​unity of students in the University of Warwick. We also seek to promote the uniqueness that is Malaysian culture to the university and beyond.

All this to ensure that all you Malaysians would never be homesick!

Our Core

Having this society means a lot to us, it’s like a whole big family. It will to you too. This is what be believe in:

Create a home away from home

Our members range from various different kind of ethnicities in Malaysia as diverse as Malaysia itself. Having events, spendting time together will surely make us all feel like we are home. Especially when there is Malaysian food

Boost Malaysia's International Recognition

We have events such as Warwick Malaysian Night, SEA Games and Warwick Malaysian Summit that aims to promote our country and our culture. You even get to participate in all of them, it is fun!

Innovate Self Development Opportunities

We are here to guide you to get the most out of your overseas studies. Lots of opportunities to learn and differentiate yourself among the rest of your competition.

Sayangi  Malaysiaku

Flagship Events

Warwick MSA

A theatre performance that aim to showcase Malaysia’s culture and traditions at its finest, through the use of a wide variety of the performing arts. 

A celebration of what it feels like to be young where we host games that we play in Malaysia such as futsal, badminton, netball and more.

An interactive platform for participants to develop pivotal soft skills like critical thinking, creativity, communication skills and organisational attributes.

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