Malaysian Night


For the past 10 years, Warwick MSA has produced many professional Malaysian Nights (MNights). They are theatre performances, that aim to showcase Malaysia’s culture and traditions at its finest, through the use of a wide variety of the performing arts. From using traditional musical instruments to choreographing classical dance forms, our annual Malaysian Night incorporates many original art forms which allow our Malaysian students to explore their different talents and to work together to produce a theatre production. We also hope to educate the non-Malaysian community of our beloved home and culture. 

Our production in March 2017 attracted an audience of over 500 people, which included both Malaysians and international audiences. We were honoured to also have the Mayor of Coventry to witness our grand celebration of culture. Our Warwick MNight has also been recognised for being one of the best in the UK and was nominated for Best Production in the Warwick Society Awards.