Last Revised: 28th of April 2017


The name of the society shall be the ‘Malaysian Students Association (University of Warwick)


The aims of the society shall be:
2.1. To represent the Malaysian students in the University and Coventry and to deal with matters that concern their interests.
2.2. To promote the Malaysian culture to the members of the University and other educational institutions in Coventry.
2.3. To promote the understanding and relationship between Malaysians in the University, Coventry and throughout the UK.
2.4. To promote the understanding and relationship between the Malaysians and the other communities in Coventry.


3.1. Membership of the society shall be open to all members of the Students’ Union and all Malaysian students in Coventry upon payment of the membership fee.
3.2. Honorary membership may be granted to persons distinguished in their contribution to the aims of the society at the discretion of the society.

(Including annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings)

4.1. Subject to the constitution of the Students’ Union, the general meetings of the members shall be the highest authority of the society.
4.2. One-fifth of the members shall constitute a quorum for a general meeting.
4.3. A motion must be carried by a simple majority of those present and voting in the general meeting, except for a vote of no confidence or the dismissal of executive members where a two-third majority is required.
4.4. A secret ballot system must be adopted if it is demanded by one-fifth or more of the members attending the general meeting.
4.5. Each member shall have one vote in any ballot in a general meeting.
4.6. Seven days notice with the agenda shall be given in advance to all members.


5.1. An AGM shall be called by the fifth week of the first term of each academic year. An election shall be called by the third week of the third term of each academic year.
5.2. The specific objectives and policies of the society for each academic year shall be decided in the AGM.
5.3. The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, one Marketing Officer, one Sports Officer and one Cultural Officer shall be appointed in the election of the previous academic year. The rest of the new Executive Committee shall be elected in the AGM to execute the decisions made in the AGM and to conduct the day to day business of the society as it may decide.
5.3.1. Those elected in the primary election of the current academic year are expected to prepare for their term over the summer break and will assume their duties after the AGM of the next academic year.
5.4. The outgoing Executive Committee shall present a report of the activities conducted by the committee during their term of office. A separate report on the financial position of the society shall also be presented by the Treasurer.


6.1. SGMs can be called at any time during each academic term.
6.2. An SGM can be called for either by the committee, the order of the Executive Committee of the Students’ Union, or a motion signed by at least one-fifth of the members.
6.3. SGMs shall be called for the debate and voting of the special issues only (e.g. amendment to the constitution).


7.1. The Executive Committee shall be composed of fourteen members elected from the members of the society.
7.2. All members are eligible to stand for and vote in the election of the Executive Committee, with the exception of the President who must be of Malaysian nationality.
7.3. Nominations for all posts must be closed at least 24 hours before the AGM so that a list of the nominations can be provided to all members attending the AGM.
7.4. The Executive Committee shall comprise a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Marketing Officer, Communications Officer two Cultural Affairs Officers, two Sports Officers and three Events Coordinators.


8.1. The President shall be responsible for the coordination of the working of the Executive Committee and the society as a whole. He/She shall be the General Manager of the society.
8.2. The Vice-President shall take over the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence. The Vice-President shall automatically become the Acting President when the President resigns until a new President is elected. The Vice-President has an active hand in the organisation of socials and events.
8.3. The Secretary shall be responsible for the issuing of agendas, the drawing up of minutes and construction of reports of all General and Executive Committee meetings. He/She shall also be responsible for the running of the communications network within the society, as well as maintaining contact with all the relevant non-commercial bodies outside the society. He/She shall keep three separate files of records which shall be readily be available to all members at their request.

These files shall include:
i) The original copy of the society’s constitution and the minutes, reports and the agenda of all general meetings.
ii) The agenda, minutes and reports of all Executive Committee meetings.
iii) All the newsletters issued to the members.

8.4 The Treasurer is responsible for all the society’s financial matters except for matters concerning the procurement of sponsorship for the society. In addition to this, the Treasurer is responsible for the budgeting of all events and ensuring that all society finances are rightly directed towards the welfare of MSA’s members.
8. 5 The Cultural Officer I shall be responsible for the running of all the cultural and educational events organised or participated in by the society. The Cultural Officer is directly responsible for MSA’s annual flagship performing arts event.
8.6 The Sports Officer I is responsible for all sporting events organised by the society and will be responsible for liaising with the sports representatives and ensuring that practices run and teams are formed. The Sports Officer I is also responsible for liaising with other Malaysian societies about Malaysian Games and the organisation of Warwick MSA’s own annual sporting flagship event.
8.7 The Cultural Officer II will aid the Cultural Officer I primarily in his/her organisation of MSA’s annual performing arts flagship event and events pertaining to the cultural events of the society.
8.8 The Sports Officer II will aid the Sports Officer I in coordinating with the sports representatives for recreational practices as well as in preparation for Malaysian Games and in organising MSA’s annual sporting flagship event.
8.9. The Assistant Treasurer will be responsible for handling the budget for every social and events with the guidance of the Treasurer, holding fund-raising events and finding sponsorship funds for the society.
8.10. The Marketing Officer will be responsible for the marketing and ticketing of MSA events such as Malaysia Night and Warwick Games.
8.11. The Communications Officer will be responsible for the online communications within the society via social platforms ie Facebook and Twitter and through our official website.
8.12. The Events Coordinators shall be responsible for the organisation of socials and events, and miscellaneous work during events.
8.13. The Corporate Relations Officer shall be responsible for matters concerning the procurement of sponsorship for the society. The Corporate Relations Officer is also responsible for liaising with sponsors and ensuring that the society’s part of the contract is honoured.
8.14. The Welfare Officer shall be responsible for the welfare of the Malaysian community in Warwick, the society as a functioning whole and all its members. In addition to the establishment and running of the MSA families, the Welfare Officer will be the first point of contact for members of the society and have a role in organising welfare events as they see fit.


9.1. The Executive Committee shall at least have seven members at all times.
9.2. At least two weeks’ notice shall have to be given should any committee member wish to resign. A by-election shall be held no later than four weeks after the resignation is submitted.
9.3. The Executive Committee shall automatically terminate their term of office if five or more Executive Committee members resign within one month of being elected. A new election shall be called within two weeks of the fifth committee member’s resignation. The remaining Executive Committee shall act as the caretaking committee in the interim period before the new committee is elected.


10.1. The Executive Committee shall meet at least once every two weeks during term time.
10.2. An agenda must be circulated to each committee member at least 48 hours before each meeting.
10.3. Seven members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for Committee Meetings.
10.4. The President or Vice-President shall normally chair all meetings. In their absence the meeting shall appoint one of its members to act as the Chairperson.
10.5. Decisions of the committee shall be taken by simple majority vote of those present and voting.
10.6. Each committee member attending the meeting shall have a vote; the chairperson will have the casting vote in a tie.
10.7. In an emergency, any committee member can call for an emergency committee meeting. Such meetings shall automatically be recognized by the committee unless reverted by two-third majority vote in the normal committee meeting immediately following the emergency meeting.


11.1. The original copy of the constitution will be kept by the Secretary.
11.2. Copies of the Constitution shall be available freely to the members on their request. The original copy kept by the Secretary shall be available to all members for inspection request.
11.3. A copy of the constitution will be deposited with the Treasurer of the Students’ Union.
11.4. Any proposal amendment must first be submitted to the Executive Committee in writing, ten days before AGM/SGM and the proposal must then be announced to all members at least seven days before AGM/SGM.
11.5. Any amendment to the constitution must be carried out by a simple majority of those present and voting in a general meeting.
11.6. Constitution amendments approved by the meeting shall be submitted to the Treasurer of the Students’ Union for rectification and shall be deemed to take effected immediately pending such rectification.